Palermo: The girl’s letter speeds up gay couple’s custody approval

After a long wait, a teenage girl receives the long-awaited news by phone while at school from Marcello and Gianluca: “Now we are a real family.” The gay dancer couple who had taken the girl out of a protected facility a year ago for four years, has received the custody decree. The 17-year-old girl had written to the minor’s court judges: “Without that decree, you are taking away my happiness.” The decree was notified to the custody office of the Municipality over the weekend, deeming the couple suitable for the custody of the young girl after a longer period of cohabitation than expected. The girl can now fulfill her dream: “To belong to our family,” says Gianluca with emotion. She can finally travel with the men she already calls “dad,” having lost her mother as a child and living in a foster home with her younger sister. Marcello expresses gratitude to the judges and hopes that in the future, foster families won’t have to wait so long for the final decree.

Palermo, la lettera della ragazza ha accelerato il via libera: la coppia gay ottiene l’affido

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