Palermo teen’s love story tainted by Blue Whale: he faces trial at 15

The content tells the story of a love affair between two minors, a 15-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl, that started online and ended up in court. The relationship was compromised by the phenomenon of the Blue Whale game, an online game that pushes individuals to complete increasingly difficult and dangerous challenges. The girl’s family filed a complaint, leading to a trial that resulted in a probationary sentence and a subsequent ruling of no further action. The boy was charged with various offenses, including bullying and causing severe anxiety to the girl. The girl’s isolation and self-destructive behavior were attributed to the boy’s actions, which included invading her online accounts and posting a video of her on a WhatsApp group. The legal proceedings began in November 2018 and involved the intervention of the police and the minor’s parents. The girl’s symptoms of depression and self-harm were discovered by her mother, who then decided to take legal action. The boy’s actions not only caused harm to the girl but also damaged her reputation. The relationship continued even after the boy was initially removed from the situation, and the girl’s parents eventually sought help from the authorities. The case resulted in the filing of a complaint, opposing the request for closure, and ultimately a trial, where the boy was ordered to undergo probation. The court later ruled that no further action would be taken.

Palermo, storia d’amore fra adolescenti compromessa dalla Blue Whale: lui finisce sotto processo a 15 anni

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