Palermo suffers fatal recovery as goals always end at the photo-finish

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One of the harsh laws of football: he who scores beyond the 90th minute, perishes beyond the 90th minute as well. In September, it was Mancuso at the 92nd minute who gave Palermo a precious victory in Ascoli, now the revenge has been served and it’s Caligara at the 93rd minute, although it only resulted in a draw and not a win. This point is heavy for the Marches, still in the running for direct salvation, and mocking for the pinks, who have not won three points in two months. The Palermo team has a certain difficulty protecting the result in the final minutes.

Caligara’s goal is the ninth scored against Palermo after the recovery time, and it’s not comforting that the pinks are also the best team for goals scored (nine also here) after the 90th minute. The goals conceded have almost all affected Palermo’s results, influencing the outcome of their matches.

The other goals have all had a significant impact, indicating how Palermo’s low center of gravity often leaves them vulnerable to opponents. This has been the case also on Sunday, with Ascoli consistently in Palermo’s area towards the end of the match, and Caligara’s goal rewarding their efforts three minutes before the end. This recurring pattern is worrisome as it shows how Palermo fails to learn from their mistakes and loses points due to trivial errors.

A victory on Sunday would have been crucial to regain motivation for the playoffs, but poor game management once again forced Palermo to postpone the three points. The team exited the field with heads down and whistles in the background, displaying a lack of excitement from the fans, especially in the second half. The once promising “Palermo zone” has turned into a warning sign for the team’s immediate future.

I gol arrivano sempre al fotofinish, il recupero è ancora fatale al Palermo

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