Palermo struggles to find formation: Mignani seeks plan for Serie A

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Winning helps to find certainties and confidence in one’s abilities, especially when there is a playoff approaching with a home-field advantage to defend: Palermo achieved this by closing the season with a victory in Bolzano, which was more beautiful for what it meant than how it happened, but this time the three points were worth more than good play. The first assault from Sampdoria to sixth place was rejected; now they will have to push back the assault in the playoff semifinal against Venice, but to do so, Mignani must first understand which formation to use on Friday.

At the Druso, the coach abandoned the 3-5-2 formation in favor of the 3-4-2-1, which allowed him to shorten the distance between midfield and attack. The positive notes came from the defensive management and wing play, particularly on the right where Diakité was influential. However, the offensive phase needs to be reviewed as the team held a slow pace throughout the match. Against Sampdoria, they will need more speed and, above all, ruthlessness.

The return of Gomes will be crucial in midfield, providing more balance. Gomes and Segre have a good chance of starting, while one of Ranocchia, Di Francesco, or Soleri will likely be left out. The coach hopes for a less crowded infirmary to have a deeper bench during the playoffs.

The article also mentions potential lineup changes and the need for players like Insigne and Ranocchia to step up in the delicate match ahead. The coach’s confidence is growing, but he knows that any mistake in the upcoming games could be costly.

Palermo, il modulo è un rebus: Mignani cerca l’assetto per la A

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