Palermo still in contention: a look at potential outcomes through head-to-head matches and standings

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The article discusses the Palermo football team’s chances of reaching the playoffs to determine the last Serie A team. Currently, they are in sixth place with 52 points and need just one point in their next two games against Ascoli or Sudtirol to secure a playoff spot. They are unable to move higher in the standings due to the 8-point gap with the team ahead of them, Catanzaro. The article also talks about potential scenarios where Palermo could miss out on the playoffs if they lose their remaining games and other teams win. Overall, Palermo just needs to avoid losing their last two games to secure a playoff spot and potentially advance to the next round.

Palermo, play off ancora da raggiungere: tra scontri diretti e classifica avulsa ecco cosa può accadere

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