Palermo, Sispi workers’ strike: hope for contract renewals from the Municipality

The article discusses the renewal of the service contract of Sispi, the company that manages the IT and telematics services of the Municipality of Palermo. Workers are protesting against a proposed 30% reduction in their supplementary salary and are urging for new hires and career advancements. Political representatives have shown support for the workers and have called for the protection of the company’s assets and quality services for citizens. The article also highlights the concerns of workers regarding the impact of the proposed contract on their salaries and career advancements. The unions call for a reevaluation of the proposed contract to ensure the growth and development of the company. Solidarity has been shown for the workers on strike by other metalmechanic companies’ representatives.

Palermo, lo sciopero dei lavoratori Sispi: dal Comune uno spiraglio per i rinnovi dei contratti

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