Palermo seeks points, play, and warmth against Cittadella

Palermo is in search of points to stay on the trail of Parma and Venice, as well as in search of the game, warmth, and passion. The team’s ranking is good, but something has changed in the last three weeks. The risky success against Brescia did not reignite enthusiasm. Doubts have crept into the minds of even the most passionate fans about whether the team, built without sparing expenses, is the strong formation it seemed to be after four away victories in a row. There are doubts about the new acquisitions’ ability to guarantee quality improvement. Valente and Marconi, heroes of the promotion to B, have been praised recently. The team is looking to build on their passion and search for a more convincing and productive game, as shown in the victory against Brescia. The coach has been experimenting with different formations but has not been able to resolve the issue. The upcoming game against Cittadella presents a new challenge, as they are a strong team with a similar playing style to Sampdoria. It seems that the team will stick to a 4-2-3-1 formation, but the opposing team’s strength will require careful consideration. The team is still trying to find its identity, relying on maintaining a good position in the standings while waiting for the return of key players. The team cannot afford to give up their best players, such as captain and striker Brunori.

Il Palermo contro il Cittadella alla ricerca di punti, gioco e calore

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