Palermo: Second arrest in Algerian waiter’s via Roma murder

A second arrest has been made in the murder case of Badr Boudjemai, the Algerian waiter killed in Palermo on the night of November 3rd. The suspect is Kalim El Abed, 61, who is the uncle of Alì El Abed Baguera, the Tunisian currently in prison for the shooting. Investigators believe Kalim helped his nephew by hiding the weapon and clothes after the crime. Alì, 32, is accused of premeditated and aggravated murder, and his appeal was recently denied. The prosecutor and the magistrate believe that surveillance footage leaves little doubt about his guilt. The videos show him near the scene of the crime, and were compiled by the carabinieri.

Palermo, l’omicidio del cameriere algerino in via Roma: scatta un secondo fermo

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