Palermo-Sampdoria: Pirlo believes we can win, chasing a dream

The article discusses the importance of the upcoming play-off match between Sampdoria and Palermo, highlighting the need for enthusiasm and composure in order to secure a victory. Coach Pirlo expresses confidence in his team’s physical and mental strength, emphasizing the necessity of remaining calm and courageous until the final whistle. The atmosphere at the Barbera stadium is expected to be intense, with Palermo’s home support providing an extra boost to their motivation. Despite facing obstacles such as injuries and limited fan attendance, Pirlo remains optimistic about Sampdoria’s chances of success. The article concludes with Pirlo expressing disappointment over restrictions on fan attendance, emphasizing the importance of supporters in crucial matches.

Palermo-Sampdoria, Pirlo ci crede: «Inseguiamo un sogno, possiamo vincere»

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