Palermo-Sampdoria match near sell-out: only 140 tickets left in stands (66 characters)

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Still 140 tickets and Renzo Barbera stadium will be sold out for the match between Palermo and Sampdoria, a preliminary play-off match in Serie B. The data is updated at 1:30 pm, 7 hours before the start of the match. The available seats are in the lower side stands and the central stands. The prices for the first sector are 44.72 euros for the full ticket, 32.24 for women, over 65s, and under 16s, while 29.12 is the cost for subscribers: regarding the central stand, the full ticket is 67.60 euros, the reduced one for women, over 65s, and under 16s is 46.80, the promo for subscribers is 41.60.

The absolute record at Renzo Barbera in its history dates back to May 9, 2010 in the match Palermo-Sampdoria when the fans in the stands were 35,872. Tonight at the Renzo Barbera, there will be a completely different atmosphere, diametrically opposed, compared to what was experienced during the last home game, which saw Palermo draw 2-2 against Ascoli, who scored the equalizer in injury time. A movie already seen this season, however, it was quickly erased by the excellent away win in Bolzano against S├╝dtirol, which rekindled the spirits of Palermo fans, who responded to the call of the club and players, who thrive on the affection of their fans to ensure that the season can definitively turn around with the aim of reaching Serie A.

The ticket sales data for the Samp match is the best considering the last few seasons in Serie B and C. Last year, in fact, the Barbera’s fans filled the stadium sectors massively even on the last home game of the season that decreed Reggina’s dramatic qualification for the play-offs at the expense of a Palermo unable to overcome Brescia, which held the Rosanero to a 2-2 draw. On that occasion, the Palermo supporters were 32,235.

This year, Rosanero’s fan numbers have always been above 21 thousand, except for a few games due to adverse weather conditions or “relinquishments” of a part of the public due to below-expected results. The seasonal record, achieved in Palermo-Como, saw 31,211 fans fill the Barbera stands.

Tonight, therefore, a new seasonal record and a near sell-out.

Palermo-Sampdoria, sold-out vicino: solo 140 biglietti in tribuna ancora disponibili a sette ore dal calcio d’inizio

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