Palermo restarts from double “D”, Dionisi and De Sanctis approved

D+D, De Sanctis+Dionisi: the new Palermo is ready to be born. The rosanero club has practically scored its first two important moves, essential to start the project for the upcoming season. Both are ready to sign a two-year contract (the announcement is expected today), which is a testament to the important esteem shown by the rosanero club and the City Football Group ownership towards both the sports director and the coach. For both De Sanctis and Dionisi, the move to Palermo, although they were followed by other prestigious clubs, is a chance to redeem themselves after a season – the past season – that ended prematurely due to the poor performance of the teams they were coaching, namely Salernitana and Sassuolo, which will also be competitors of Palermo next year.

Il Palermo riparte dalla doppia «D», via libera per Dionisi e De Sanctis

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