Palermo residents experience two house burglaries in a day but successfully help apprehend the thieves

A couple in Palermo had the misfortune of having burglars in their house twice in the same day. The Carabinieri of the mobile unit managed to arrest two young individuals, a 26-year-old and a 24-year-old, both from Palermo, for attempted burglary. The burglars had broken a window to enter the house on Marinuzzi Street during the night, taking money, gold items, a computer, and a camera. Just a few hours later, the couple found the burglars in their house again and called the police. The Carabinieri caught them in the act, and they attempted to escape but were unsuccessful. The arrest of the two suspects has been confirmed by the judge, who ordered pretrial detention for both of them.

Palermo, subiscono due furti in casa in un giorno ma riescono a fare arrestare i ladri

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