Palermo researcher assaulted after reprimanding youths damaging scooter

Another violent Saturday night in Palermo. A lawyer and university researcher was savagely attacked last night (June 22) in front of the Teatro Massimo. About ten people beat him bloody, causing facial wounds and a fractured nose. The lawyer had reprimanded a group of boys for damaging a scooter on Via Ruggero Settimo. It is unclear whether it was an act of vandalism or if they were trying to steal it. He told the boys he was filming everything.

Shortly after, while returning home with his girlfriend, the researcher was surrounded by eleven people: in addition to the young people, there were also some adults, who punched him in the face several times. Police have obtained footage and identified the attackers. They are all Palermo residents from a town in the province. The researcher will need surgery on his nose.

Palermo, rimprovera i ragazzi che danneggiano un monopattino: ricercatore universitario pestato a Palermo

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