Palermo remembers the carabiniere Calcedonio Giordano, killed at the Fosse Ardeatine

The article discusses the commemoration of the Carabinieri cavalryman Calcedonio Giordano, who was killed at the Fosse Ardeatine on March 24, 1944. A Mass was officiated by the military chaplain of the Carabinieri Legion of Sicily, Don Salvatore Falzone, in the presence of various officials and Giordano’s grandchildren. Giordano, born in Palermo on July 11, 1916, enlisted in 1936 and served as a Carabinieri cavalryman. He later joined the Carabinieri guards of the King, the Corazzieri. Despite the tragic circumstances, he was able to continue his education and was posthumously awarded a degree from the University of Rome. He joined the underground resistance of the Carabinieri in Rome after the armistice and resisted the deportation by the Republic of Social Italy. His story is one of courage and determination in the face of adversity.

A Palermo ricordato il carabiniere Calcedonio Giordano, ucciso alle Fosse Ardeatine

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