Palermo: Raid at Cisl offices on Villa Heloise Street – forced entry and ransacked rooms

The offices of the Cisl Palermo Trapani in via Villa Heloise in Palermo have been targeted by thieves and vandals. The break-in occurred at night when the street was quiet, and the intruders forced their way in through the entrance door. The entire office was ransacked, and the extent of the damage and theft is still being assessed. The carabinieri have launched an investigation and are analyzing security camera footage to identify the criminals. This incident is part of a series of thefts in Palermo, with hospitals being the main targets. In addition to the Cisl offices, the regional civil protection offices were also broken into, and various items were stolen. The recent wave of thefts has caused significant disruption and damage in the area.

Palermo, raid negli uffici della Cisl di via Villa Heloise: porta forzata e stanze a soqquadro

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