Palermo prosecutor De Lucia: “Total silence still surrounds Messina Denaro”

Today, just a few months after the death of Matteo Messina Denaro, a total omertà “wraps like a thick fog everything that has existed around his figure, his contacts, his movements and the relationships he has woven in the long years of clandestinity.” This is the harsh accusation launched by the Palermo Prosecutor’s Office led by Maurizio de Lucia, who is investigating the network of supporters of the boss. Today, three more people have been arrested.

“It is a transversal omertà – explain the magistrates – which, in fact, has so far prevented investigators from obtaining spontaneous information, even apparently insignificant: no doctor, healthcare professional or even a simple office worker who has had contact with Messina Denaro Matteo (alias Bonafede Andrea), has deemed it voluntary to report to the magistrates or to the judicial police that they have been involved, in any capacity, with the fugitive or to reveal what they have learned directly, or even indirectly, about the care provided to the important mafia boss.”

The prosecutors speak of the existence “of a vast, transversal and insidious support network, still partially revealed, which knowingly supported Messina Denaro’s command functions, allowing him to remain in hiding on the territory, with documents, cars and motorcycles, clinical examinations and contacts in the medical world.”

Palermo, il procuratore de Lucia: «Intorno a Messina Denaro ancora totale omertà»

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