Palermo: Plaque honoring “Hulk Hogan” police officer Cristoforo Rubino discovered.

In Palermo, the plaque in memory of Cristoforo Rubino, the police officer of the mobile squad who passed away at the age of 53 due to illness, was discovered. The ceremony was originally scheduled for February but was postponed and took place today, June 17th, in via Altofonte. Rubino was highly respected and appreciated at the police headquarters where he worked. He was known as “Hulk Hogan” and had participated in numerous anti-Mafia operations. The plaque was placed in the median strip at the height of the sports facilities of the Cus. Rubino, a point of reference for all his colleagues, was part of the Falco 65 bis and his nickname was linked to his striking resemblance to the famous American wrestler. He had briefly been part of the security detail of Judge Giovanni Falcone and was a master in transcribing phone interceptions. He was remembered for capturing several fugitives and for his involvement in anti-Mafia operations, including the arrest of the Kalsa boss, Antonio Lauricella, also known as “Scintilluni,” in 2011. The prefect Massimo Mariani, the police chief Vito Calvino, and representatives from the city administration also remembered Rubino at the plaque unveiling ceremony. The city councilor Zacco, who promoted the initiative, was also in attendance. Rubino was considered a legend in the city, fearless in the face of danger, and a reference point for an entire generation of police officers and citizens who trusted the institutions. The location of the plaque is seen as symbolic for future generations to remember his legacy.

Palermo: scoperta la targa che ricorda Cristoforo Rubino, il poliziotto soprannominato «Hulk Hogan»

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