Palermo opens “house for riders”: a place to rest and charge their phones.

In Palermo, the first youth center in Italy, called Epyc (European Palermo youth centre), has opened a space specifically for delivery riders. The center provides a place for riders to rest, charge their phones, and use a small bike repair shop. The youth center, which currently operates as a free co-working space, canteen, and café, aims to support the riders who often work on the streets without access to rest stops or facilities. The dedicated space will also serve as a meeting point and a place for riders to gather and discuss their work and union activities. The center’s opening was attended by national union leader Maurizio Landini, who emphasized the need for a national contract for riders. Local officials expressed their support for the initiative, recognizing the importance of the delivery sector, particularly during the pandemic.

A Palermo nasce la “casa per i rider”: potranno riposare e ricaricare il cellulare

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