Palermo nightclub raided for illegal labor: 11 workers found working off the books

The financial police arrived while the customers were dancing. The blitz put an end to the party in a venue in the Zen district of Palermo, which was illegally offering dance nights with dinner included in the price. At the time of access, the officers identified 11 undeclared workers inside the room. The authorities also found a total lack of authorization for the commercial activity (SCIA) as well as documentation for workplace safety. The irregular workers were reported to the labor inspectorate, which recently issued the consequent measure. The operations ended with the administrative seizure of the venue for the lack of SCIA and the notification of the business owner to the Prosecutor for the failure to prepare the risk assessment document. The DJ also got into trouble, as the tax office opened a VAT number for him. The event organizer was fined 2,500 euros by SIAE. The same fate befell three other musicians who alternated between the DJ set and a room dedicated to Latin American dances.

Palermo, blitz in una discoteca abusiva allo Zen: scoperti 11 lavoratori in nero

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