Palermo murder-suicide doubts: Laura Lupo’s injuries don’t convince investigators

The case of the death of the Palermo couple, the accountant Pietro Delia and the municipal police officer Laura Lupo, found dead with gunshot wounds in their home on Via Notarbartolo last Saturday morning, is not closed yet.

The initial hypothesis of murder-suicide – the initial reconstruction was that the woman, found with the gun in her hand, had killed her husband and then shot herself – raises doubts especially in light of the autopsies carried out in recent days. Laura Lupo, a policewoman serving in the judge of peace office, had two wounds caused by her service pistol: one in the neck, the other in the head.

How is it possible that she shot herself once and then managed to pull the trigger again, hitting herself in the head and killing herself? Investigators are asking themselves as they continue to investigate. Furthermore, the couple’s apartment on the third floor of the building was locked and there were no signs of forced entry, which had confirmed the murder-suicide theory, but now it seems less decisive.

The bodies of the parents were found by their daughter who lives on the floor below. Not having any news of her father, with whom she had a work appointment, she became worried and called the fire department, who entered the house and discovered the corpses.

Dubbi sull’omicidio-suicidio di Palermo: le ferite sul corpo di Laura Lupo non convincono gli investigatori

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