Palermo Municipality: Career advancement for school educators and employees approved, but limited to 191 out of 3000

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Yesterday, the Mayor of Palermo Roberto Lagalla and the municipal Personnel Assessor, Dario Falzone, met with a delegation of union representatives to discuss vertical progression of municipal employees, particularly school educators. The unions have been advocating for these progressions for at least twenty years, emphasizing the need for recognition of the dedication shown by those who ensure the functioning of public offices and services to the city. The meeting with the administration has finally unblocked this process, allowing for vertical progressions for various categories of employees.

The current law regulates the professional profiles of educators, who are initially categorized as D. However, due to budget constraints, many educators were initially categorized as C. The law also allows entities with sufficient resources to upgrade all employees to category D. The Municipality of Palermo, currently in a restructuring procedure, can only hire new staff based on turnover until 2024. Similarly, vertical progressions are limited, with only 191 out of 3000 employees expected to receive promotions.

The Mayor expressed support for the possibility of promotions but highlighted the need to consider all categories of employees, not just educators. The administration is currently reviewing the economic situation and the availability of resources before proceeding with the promotions. The union, Cgil, has also urged the administration to prioritize progressions for educational service operators starting from September.

Through the full utilization of available resources, it will be possible to facilitate hundreds of progressions across various categories of employees, including IT service collaborators, civil registry officers, clerks, municipal messengers, teachers, and nursery school educators. The union, Cisal, praised the administration for prioritizing the needs of all employees and not just a specific category. They also criticized other unions for making unrealistic promises. Ultimately, the efforts aim to improve efficiency and support the well-being of all employees within the municipality.

Comune di Palermo: sì alla progressione di carriera per educatori scolastici e altri impiegati, ma solo per 191 su tremila

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