Palermo, Mignani: “We deserved to win but luck also plays a part. Training camp? We will do it again if needed”

Today, Michele Mignani did not secure his first victory as the coach of Palermo, as Ascoli’s equalizer in the 93rd minute once again froze the Barbera stadium.

“We deserved to win,” said the coach in a press conference. “It was not a beautiful performance aesthetically, but we showed heart and character, managing to score two goals. In the second half, our minds were not completely free and we dropped back a bit too much, failing to take advantage of opportunities to score a third goal. We hit the post and they scored a fantastic goal from outside. A team that desperately wanted to bring home a victory also needs a bit of luck, unfortunately,” Mignani continued. “If Di Francesco had scored, we would have closed the game. There are things that can be improved. Apart from trying to score more goals than the opponent, we need to be freer in our minds because we have important matches coming up, and we need to be ready for the playoffs.”

Regarding the choice of Desplanches, Mignani is clear: “Just like I choose a midfielder, I can choose a different goalkeeper. For me, he had the best condition and the right mindset to play today.”

The team doesn’t seem to have physical issues: “They finished well against Reggiana and Spezia,” Mignani said. “Fatigue is normal after three games in a week. When I talk about a free mind, I’m not referring to the relationship with the fans, but to the fact that it’s been a long time since Palermo won a game.”

Finally, on the possibility of a retreat: “If needed, we will do it again. For now, we will switch off and tomorrow we will evaluate what to do.”

Palermo, Mignani: «Meritavamo di vincere ma ci vuole anche fortuna. Il ritiro? Se c’è bisogno lo rifaremo»

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