Palermo mayor Lagalla proposes restricted access to Ztl

The scandal of the white list of the ZTL in Palermo – which has quickly become more of a free zone, with over 10,500 plates roaming undisturbed, with many doubts about their complete legitimacy – is back in the news. The mayor, Roberto Lagalla, has had meetings with the local authorities of the police, carabinieri, and firefighters, because he intends to come up with a solution that satisfies everyone and does not repeat the problems that have turned the list into a “case”. Lagalla, in short, does not want to be left holding the candle and prefers to offer a solution rather than remain on the grill. As long as some guidelines are respected: no more unlimited registrations and approval for a agreed closed number.

Lagalla is also willing to continue to recognize access credentials to the police and carabinieri. But he wants a limit on private cars on the white list to prevent disparities.

A comprehensive service by Giancarlo Macaluso in today’s edition of the Palermo Giornale di Sicilia in newsstands.

Ztl di Palermo, il sindaco Lagalla chiede il numero chiuso

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