Palermo man stabbed after arguing with merchant

A 42-year-old man was stabbed in Palermo, during a heated argument on Mendelssohn Street in the Cruillas neighborhood, apparently over financial issues. The confrontation took place near a local business. The injured man was stabbed multiple times and taken by acquaintances to Cervello hospital. After initial treatment, he was transferred to Villa Sofia hospital. The altercation involved a merchant who allegedly wounded the man with a knife or screwdriver. Homicide detectives from the police mobile squad are investigating the attack, called in by Cervello hospital staff after seeing the abdominal wounds. They have gathered surveillance footage from Mendelssohn Street and a nearby store. The injured man was accompanied to the hospital by a friend, and police patrols intervened at Villa Sofia to calm the situation. Dozens of people, including the man’s family and friends, gathered outside the hospital to check on his condition.

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