Palermo man collapses from heat on Calatafimi street: saved by police officers

An elderly man suddenly collapsed and showed no signs of life. The dramatic moment was captured by the cameras of the Porta Nuova police station, which allowed for the rescue of the man. It happened on Calatafimi street in Palermo, where the man was immediately assisted by the officers.

“Roberta, a policewoman on duty at the guard station of the station, noticed the man collapsing on the sidewalk as if suddenly taken ill – explained by the police headquarters -. Without hesitation, she called for help. Officers Fabio, Filippo, and Giuseppe immediately rushed out of the station to assist the elderly man, lying face down on the pavement. A woman testified to seeing him faint suddenly. The man was breathing but unresponsive to external stimuli.”

An ambulance from the 118 emergency service arrived on the scene: “The Porta Nuova patrol car led the way to the nearby emergency room at Ingrassia Hospital, where doctors were able to stabilize the elderly man’s vital signs. Giuseppe is out of danger but remains under observation. A severe drop in blood sugar levels was leading him towards a coma.” Yesterday morning, the police officers visited him in the hospital: the man does not remember what happened, but thanked the officers for saving him.

Palermo, sviene per il caldo in corso Calatafimi: salvato dai poliziotti del commissariato

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