Palermo: Madonite mayors request urgent meeting with Lagalla: “40 million euros at stake for our municipalities”

There is an urgent request for a meeting on the table of the mayor of Palermo, Roberto Lagalla: it comes from the mayors of the Madonie, led by the mayor of Geraci Siculo and president of the Union of the Madonie Luigi Iuppa, who ask for an explanation “for this silence and refusal to meet, during the Conference of Mayors convened yesterday by the metropolitan mayor for the approval of the 2023 final accounts,” they say. The discussion concerns the projects presented for the PN Metro Plus and Città Media Sud 2021-2027.

“There is about 40 million euros at stake and several very important projects for the municipalities not only of the Madonie, but also of the Metropolitan City of Palermo – they explain -. After over two months of our request for a meeting, no news,” says Iuppa. The mayors of the twenty-six Madonie municipalities, on April 19, together with the mayors of Campofelice di Roccella, Lascari, Sciara, Bisacquino, Corleone, Palazzo Adriano, and Prizzi, had requested an urgent meeting for the opening of a discussion table aimed at planning all the necessary steps to verify the eligibility of the approved projects and clarify the points pending and define the timing for the implementation of the program.

“The same Lagalla had summoned us on May 28 – they specify – only to cancel the meeting the day before. In this additional time frame, we have not received any communication or any news regarding any necessary in-depth analysis leading to a positive conclusion of the entire process that has seen us engaged for more than two years. This institutional “indifference” seems absurd, especially since, to continue the project process, each individual municipality has committed physical and economic resources to allow the projects to be included in this funding program. Not only do we believe that a meeting is urgent to plan the necessary actions to obtain the related financing, but we hope that the municipality of Palermo and its mayor Lagalla keep the commitments made with two decrees signed by the Mayor of the Metropolitan City.” After reading the note during the conference, the mayors left the room in protest.

Palermo, i sindaci madoniti chiedono un incontro urgente a Lagalla: «In gioco 40 milioni di euro per i nostri comuni»

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