Palermo, Legionella outbreak eradicated by Galileo Galilei high school: Ecolsea intervention crucial

The recent Legionella emergency at the Galileo Galilei high school in Palermo has been successfully resolved thanks to the timely intervention of Ecolsea. Over the days May 24 and 25, a team of expert technicians carried out a thorough cleaning and sanitization of the tanks and water pipes at the school on via Danimarca 54, using specific products and cutting-edge technologies.

At the end of the operations, the chemist appointed by Ecolsea collected samples for subsequent analysis in an accredited laboratory. The results, transmitted to the school on June 13, confirmed the absence of Legionella, ensuring a safe environment for students and staff. Ecolsea’s intervention not only eliminated the bacteria from the pipes, but also ensured that the water supplied to the institute is safe for daily use. This success represents an important example of how the collaboration between educational institutions and specialized companies can quickly resolve critical situations, protecting the health of the school community.

“We are proud to have contributed to creating a healthy and safe school environment for the Galilei high school community,” declared Ecolsea, emphasizing the company’s commitment to the prevention and management of bacterial contamination. The now sanitized and safe institution will resume activities regularly, ensuring the peace of mind of students, families, and teaching staff.

Palermo, legionella debellata dal liceo Galileo Galilei: decisivo l’intervento della Ecolsea

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