Palermo hunts for the barbarians of nightlife, with a lead on the origin of the brawl: the damaging of three cars.

In the streets of Palermo, violence has reached alarming levels, spreading fear among the thousands of people seeking entertainment in the city’s nightlife. Incidents of beatings, stabbings, fights, and brutal criminal actions have become common occurrences. Recently, a shooting between La Lumia and Quintino Sella streets, an area known for its bars and pubs, has heightened alarm over the casual use of firearms to resolve conflicts. The shooting, which may have resulted in a young person being injured, has prompted concerns about the city’s safety. The incident occurred around 3 am and involved a group of young people facing off for unknown reasons. Prior to the shooting, a car speeding and damaging three parked cars may have triggered the confrontation. The chaos led someone to use a gun, firing at least five shots. The police are investigating to shed light on this terrifying incident in the city center. This story highlights the urgent need to address safety issues in Palermo’s nightlife.

A Palermo caccia ai barbari della movida, c’è una pista sull’origine della rissa: il danneggiamento di tre auto

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