Palermo honors Claudio Domino with plaque at Lo Cicero field entrance

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A plaque dedicated to the young Claudio Domino, killed by the mafia at just 11 years old, was placed this morning in a provocative manner at the entrance of the field named Lo Cicero, in the Vergine Maria area of Palermo. The initiative was promoted by the vice-president of the Antimafia commission at the Ars Ismaele La Vardera, by the councilor of the Oso group, Giulia Argiroffi, by the entrepreneur who reported the racket Giuseppe Piraino and by Ninni Domino and Graziella Accetta, father and mother of Claudio. The field is owned by the Municipality.

“I had said it and I did it – says La Vardera – I urged the Municipality months ago and I reiterated it to Mayor Roberto Lagalla in the antimafia commission, but nothing has changed. So I decided to do it myself, unofficially and provocatively in the hope that the mayor will wake up.” “I am happy that many children and teenagers will play in a field dedicated to those who sacrificed their lives – says Argiroffi – today we decided to make a difference because where the mayor and the council preferred to take their time or look the other way, I decided to step up.” For the Domino family, “Today’s initiative is a springboard for young people who need to be educated in legality. The death of our son is proof that the mafia has never had a code of honor and has never made a distinction between adults and children.” For Piraino, “Starting from the name of a field means bringing legality back to those neighborhoods that still remember the local bosses with dedications.”

Palermo, una targa intitolata al piccolo Claudio Domino all’ingresso del campo Lo Cicero

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