Palermo halts ten businesses for ignoring anti-mafia measures

They were working as if nothing had happened, receiving clients and orders. However, they had received an anti-mafia measure and now the Municipality of Palermo has also revoked their licenses. Immediate closure for nine businesses caught by the task force of the Suap (Single Desk for Business Activities) with “positive” judicial records showing anomalies: the pending measure on the heads of these companies was only known thanks to the screening carried out by the administration, which is conducting checks on the owners of companies and premises with “questionable” moral requirements related to convictions and criminal records. A request was made to the Prefecture and from there the confirmation of the incompatibility with opening. Ten businesses are targeted in the checks, including a parking lot, four restaurants or similar establishments, a B&B, a retailer, another in the car sales and rental sector, and two minimarkets.

Interdittive antimafia ignorate, a Palermo il Comune ferma dieci attività commerciali

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