Palermo: Fire at Bellolampo extinguished, but dioxin nightmare returns

The article explains that only a few small fires remain active within the Bellolampo landfill in Palermo, after a fire broke out yesterday evening in the seventh tank. The situation is being monitored by firefighting teams to prevent the fire from reigniting. There is concern in the city and the fear of dioxin contamination has returned. The regional Civil Protection department has alerted various firefighting teams and equipment to extinguish the fire, which has been contained with the help of excavators and water from firefighters’ hoses. Due to the southeast wind, the smell of burning reached Capaci. The mayor of Palermo has been urged to issue an ordinance to protect the population. The Civil Protection has issued a statement indicating a deliberate origin for the fire. The fire broke out around 8 pm yesterday in the landfill at Bellolampo. The article mentions a similar incident a year ago, where high levels of dioxin were detected in the outskirts of Palermo.

Palermo, domato l’incendio a Bellolampo: ma ancora attivi alcuni focolai e torna l’incubo diossina

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