Palermo dominates Bisenzio 5-1 in Serie A-1 team tennis match

The male and female teams of the Palermo Tennis Club had a victory and a draw, respectively, in the second day of Serie A-1. The male team won 5-1 against the Tuscan Tennis Club Bisenzio, while the female team had a 2-2 draw in Verona. The next match for the male team will be against Junior Tennis Perugia, while the female team will face Tennis Beinasco. In the male team’s victory, Salvatore Caruso, Gabriele Piraino, Alessandro Giannessi, and Jacopo Stefanini all won their matches. In the female team’s draw, Giorgia Pedone and Angelica Moratelli won their matches.

Tennis a squadre, in Serie A-1 il Ct Palermo travolge il Bisenzio 5-1

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