Palermo Dog Show at La Favorita: Siberian Husky wins

The article talks about Trinacria’s Gold Medallion, a three and a half year old Siberian Husky from Canada owned by Dominique Firetto, who won the third edition of the Sicilia Winner dog competition. The competition took place during the nineteenth National Exhibition of Caltanissetta on Saturday, May 18, and the seventy-first International Exhibition of Palermo on Sunday, May 19. The events were held at the equestrian facility of Parco della Favorita in Palermo and organized by the Palermo Kennel Club in collaboration with the Caltanissetta dog group. The second-place winner was Uvamora’s Campanita, a wire-haired Dachshund owned by Francesca Borroni. The President of the Kennel Club, Giorgio Varoli, highlighted the international level of the event, with over 1,000 dogs from approximately 120 breeds participating. The competitions also featured a demonstration by the canine units of law enforcement and public rescue teams. The article mentions the support of the Palermo City Council, law enforcement, the mounted police unit of the Palermo municipal police, and Farmina Italia Pet Food in organizing the events.

Esposizione canina alla Favorita di Palermo: il vincitore è un Siberian Husky

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