Palermo, degradation on the Romagnolo coastline. Mineo: “56 million for reclamation and revitalization”

The southern coast of Palermo, once considered the envy of many Italian shores, is now mostly a place of degradation and abandonment. The sea is prohibited for swimming due to illegal dumps that have polluted the water, and the beach is in poor condition. The area is constantly invaded by waste and surrounded by decay. Residents are upset and hope for a revitalization that would bring wealth and jobs. The president of the second district is fighting for improvement, criticizing the lack of interest from previous administrations. The city is divided, with some areas receiving attention while others struggle with basic maintenance. The municipal Environment Department acknowledges the complexity of the situation and the efforts being made to clean and revitalize the area, with projects costing 56 million euros. They have already started with regular cleaning and are awaiting permission to begin extraordinary measures.