Palermo defense in chaos: errors against Venezia

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“Defensive hemorrhage that cannot be stopped and that has effectively put an end to the direct promotion dream. Palermo takes stock of the damage left by the lost game against Venice, and the first thing that stands out is a defensive setup that fails to provide the balance that Corini has been looking for since the beginning of the season. The 41 goals conceded in 30 league games are the concrete result of a tactical and, above all, defensive imbalance that does not match the ambitions of a team that wants to fight for promotion. Maintaining an average of 1.3 goals conceded per game is not what a team aiming for Serie A should be doing, even if they manage to score many goals in attack.

Of the top six teams in the standings, Palermo is the only team that has conceded more than 40 goals so far. The league leaders Parma have conceded 30, Venice 35, Cremonese 24, and Como 33. These numbers are much lower than the 41 conceded by Palermo. In this special ranking, Palermo is the fifth worst defense in Serie B, behind teams that are not fighting for anything significant: only Lecco, Feralpisalò, Sampdoria, and Spezia have conceded more goals than the Rosanero, showing clear defensive organizational issues that have not been resolved.

To avoid going too far back in time, clear examples of a particularly negative moment for Palermo are the goals conceded in the last two home games, against Ternana and Venice. In the second goal by Venice, defensive errors in reading and positioning by Ceccaroni and Lund are evident. Instead of covering Pohjanpalo on Pierini’s header, Lund chose to stay close to the number 10 of Venice, leaving a gap for the Finnish striker to score easily. Lund failed to recognize the mistake and step forward to catch Pohjanpalo offside.

Palermo is the fourth worst team in the league for goals conceded in home games (21), after Lecco, Feralpisalò, and Sampdoria. These goals could have been avoided if the team remained concentrated and compact, particularly in situations like the second goal conceded against Venice, where the opposition scored from a goalkeeper’s clearance. The defensive struggles are only the latest issue for a team that can no longer contain their opponents. The difficulties in defense have been a constant problem for Palermo throughout the season, but they have become more evident recently, especially after the away draw against Cremona, which left a mark on the players that they have not been able to eliminate yet.

The goals conceded by Palermo are not solely the fault of the defense, which is just the last line of defense for a team that can no longer contain their opponents. Defensive issues have plagued Palermo’s season, but have resurfaced recently after the draw against Cremona. The team looked disjointed and disconnected, especially during the opponent’s changes of play that Vanoli’s team frequently used during the match. Corini must address these aspects during this long break, even if it means making tactical changes. With eight games left and the playoffs secured, defensive organization must be restructured.”

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Palermo, la fase difensiva è in tilt: ecco tutti gli errori commessi contro il Venezia

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