Palermo council expelled from shooting for TV series by the Fratelli Corsaro

The City Council of Palermo, which had already been forced to leave its historic headquarters at Palazzo delle Aquile due to ongoing renovations, is now being evicted from its temporary location at Palazzo Comitini for the filming of a TV series. The already problematic situation of the forty city councilors at Sala Martorana, due to the unavailability of Sala delle Lapidi for the restoration of Palazzo Pretoria, encounters a new obstacle. The president, Giulio Tantillo, has long been calling for a change in the temporary location, given the continuous difficulties encountered at Palazzo Comitini, which is the former Province headquarters, now called the Metropolitan City. However, this time it has nothing to do with the lack of ushers or employees, or the absence of bureaucratic support for the council’s activities. This time it is the series “Fratelli Corsaro”, with Beppe Fiorello in the role of Fabrizio Corsaro (a journalist-detective created by Salvo Toscano), solving complicated cases with his brother Roberto (played by Paolo Briguglia), that is hindering council work. Until Monday, therefore, Sala Martorana will be off limits. Tantillo confirms that he will not be able to convene sessions until after the 23rd, but the film has nothing to do with it. He complains that the most representative body of the city is being put behind other needs. This is not the first time it has happened, which is why he has requested a radical change in the agreement. “We must have full availability of the hall,” he explains. “In cases like this, for example, we ask to have the possibility to use the conference hall of the Novitiate of the Crociferi.” Finally, Tantillo confirms that he has found a solution for the council groups: they will all go to the former railway building on Via Roma, currently owned by the Metropolitan City.

Palermo, il Consiglio comunale sfrattato dalle riprese per la serie tv dei Fratelli Corsaro

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