Palermo council clashes over historic markets, opposition leaves: Bandita project postponed

The City Council of Palermo failed to reach a quorum, and the majority was unable to discuss the executive project for the redevelopment of the Bandita harbor. The council was adjourned until tomorrow, Tuesday, December 12th. There was a clash over the regulation of historic markets, with Giulia Argiroffi of the Oso group requesting a discussion. However, Ottavio Zacco of Forza Italia objected, stating that it was a previous administration’s act that needs modification. Initially, the majority voted to confirm the agenda, but soon found they lacked a quorum as the minority had left the room. Everything was postponed to the next day at 11 am. The redevelopment project, once approved, will be immediately tenderable, and the process is being overseen by Carlo Amenta, commissioner of the Special Economic Zone, who will be back in the council chamber of Palazzo Comitini tomorrow.

Consiglio comunale di Palermo, scontro sui mercati storici e l’opposizione lascia l’aula: rinviato il progetto Bandita

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