Palermo, Corini: “We can’t win the championship on the first day, let us work”

In this content, coach Corini addresses the criticism he received and emphasizes the need to have a broader perspective and enjoy the journey. He asks the public to support what they love without destroying it, as winning a championship cannot be achieved after just one game. Corini reflects on the previous match against Bari, acknowledging that perfect games don’t exist and that the opponents also play a role. He mentions the team’s desire to have depth in defense and take risks to stay higher up the field. He discusses the arrival of Henderson, highlighting his work ethic, technical ability, and versatility as a central midfielder. Corini emphasizes that there are no easy opponents and recognizes Reggiana as a strong team. He mentions Lund’s upcoming start as a result of Buttaro’s injury, stating that they have prepared meticulously and that Henderson has trained well.

Palermo, Corini: «Non si può vincere il campionato alla prima giornata, fateci lavorare»

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