Palermo, Corini heading to Parma: “We can turn things around, we want to get back close to the top two positions”

Eugenio Corini believes in the recovery of his team and sees the match against Parma as an opportunity. He is focused on putting the best team on the field and acknowledges the need for better results. He also provided some insights into the possible starting lineup and the condition of the recovered players. Corini emphasized the importance of taking one game at a time and striving to improve their position in the standings. He also analyzed the opponent’s strategy and highlighted the potential dangers of Parma’s counterattacks. Finally, he mentioned the list of players called up for the match, including the presence of Ceccaroni to support his teammates.

Palermo, Corini verso Parma: «Possiamo svoltare, vogliamo tornare a ridosso delle prime due posizioni»

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