Palermo compensated with 1 million after fractures and neurological damage during birth

In overturning the first instance judgment, the second civil section of the Court of Appeal of Palermo has sentenced the Civic Hospital to pay €1,185,100.46 in compensation to Abdul Wadud, father of the little Arafat who suffered fractures and permanent neurological damage at birth due to a series of errors committed by the healthcare professionals before and during delivery, according to the judges. Arafat, who is now 20 years old, has been recognized as having a 75% disability. The incident dates back to 2004.

According to the assessment of the experts Renato Tona and Adalberto Murania obtained in court of appeal, there were a series of negligence on the part of the healthcare professionals who managed all stages of the labor and delivery of Mosammat Safa Khatun, originally from Bangladesh, who gave birth to little Arafat on December 9, 2004. The judges also sentenced the company Amtrust Assicurazioni Spa, in the person of the legal representative pro tempore, to indemnify the Civic Hospital for any sum paid under the present judgment, within the limits of the contractual deductible.
Supporting the arguments of Arafat’s parent were lawyers Giancarlo Greco and Sara De Luca; for the Civic Hospital were the lawyers Caterina Rizzotto and Francesco Palma.

Palermo, subì fratture e danni neurologici durante il parto: dopo 20 anni risarcito con 1 milione

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