Palermo commuters fined for illegal waste dumping

In the past three weeks, 196 fines have been issued for violations related to waste abandonment in Palermo. Four joint teams, consisting of Rap personnel, municipal police, and metropolitan police, have been working together to enforce these fines. The total amount of fines came to just over 32 thousand euros. A significant portion of these fines were issued for unauthorized waste disposal outside of designated hours. Another part of the enforcement efforts targeted waste migration from neighboring municipalities such as Ficarazzi, Misilmeri, and Villabate. Patrols were conducted in various streets, including Galletti, Messina Marine, Laudicina, Kolbe, and Ligotti. Some violations related to waste migration from Monreale, Altavilla Milicia, Belmonte Mezzagno, Carini, and Isola delle Femmine. Monitoring was conducted in Palmerino Street and Region Siciliana Street. Controls were also extended to the historic center, including Venezia, Napoli, San Cristoforo, and Scoppettieri streets.

Palermo, pendolari dei rifiuti tra i 196 multati per abbandono di rifiuti

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