Palermo coaches and executives of Fincantieri and Carini acquitted after 8 years

The single judge of the Palermo court Michelangelo Calderone acquitted coaches and managers of the Fincantieri and Città di Carini teams who were on trial for a brawl that broke out during a soccer match. The game took place on November 11, 2016 between the two teams at the top of the league. The alleged failure to show a red card after a foul triggered the clashes on the Acquasanta field.

Police intervention was needed to restore calm. The managers and coaches Antonino Mancuso, Vincenzo Porretto, Giuseppe Lo Piccolo and Francesco Piscitello, defended by lawyers Giovanni Castronovo, Antonino Giampino and Laura Milazzo, claimed that they entered the field to restore order, as seen in a video attached to the trial documents. The judge accepted the defense’s arguments and acquitted the defendants because the act did not exist.

Palermo, assolti dopo 8 anni allenatori e dirigenti di Fincantieri e Carini: entrarono in campo per sedare la rissa

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