Palermo City sees increased revenue from property tax crackdown

The periodic verification of the budget balances has highlighted a significant increase in tax revenues related to the property tax (IMU), amounting to approximately €2.4 million more than the previous year – stated the Budget Councillor of the city of Palermo, Brigida Alaimo. This result is evidence of the effectiveness of the widespread fight against tax evasion carried out by the municipal administration and successfully conducted by the revenue department.

A crucial role, the councillor continues, has been played by the strengthening of the Revenue and Tax Office of the Municipality of Palermo, made possible by targeted investments in human resources, through new hires and personnel stabilizations, obtained through synergy with the national Government. The increase in IMU revenues represents an important milestone for the city’s finances. The fight against tax evasion is a priority for this administration, and the results obtained demonstrate that the efforts undertaken are bearing the desired fruits. The strengthening of the Tax Office, through a careful policy of targeted hirings, we hope can continue, in light of the good results achieved – concludes Alaimo.

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