Palermo City Council confirms Imu tax rates in decision

The local government in Palermo, led by Roberto Lagalla, has confirmed that the Imu rates for 2024 will remain the same as the current year. The decision was made through a proposal by Deputy Mayor Carolina Varchi and prepared by the Revenue Office. Imu is a property tax that applies to properties other than the main residence, such as second homes and luxury properties. Some of the revenue collected goes to the municipalities. There are reductions in place for historically significant buildings, uninhabitable properties, and those granted to first-degree relatives. The payment methods and deadlines remain unchanged. The tax must be paid in two installments by June 16th and December 16th, although a single payment option is available. The tax rate for luxury homes is 0.60% (with deductions), 0.10% for rural instrumental buildings, 1.06% for agricultural land, productive properties, and properties other than the main residence. The decision still needs to be voted on by the City Council.

Palermo, la giunta ha deciso: confermate le aliquote dell’Imu

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