Palermo celebrates Palm Sunday with hundreds: “Gestures of Jesus reveal the true face of God”

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With the red tunic, which recalls the color of the blood of the martyrs and the Holy Spirit, the Bishop of Palermo, Corrado Lorefice, parades from the Archbishop’s residence along Corso Vittorio Emanuele, in the Sicilian capital. He greets the faithful and ascends to the platform positioned at the entrance of the Cathedral for the traditional blessing of Palm Sunday. Hundreds of Palermitans and visitors gather: in unison they raise the palm branches, symbol of victory over sin and martyrdom for the customary ritual, then the entrance into the church for the Eucharistic celebration.

“The holy week is an immersion in the feelings and actions of Jesus that reveal the true face of God,” says the bishop during his homily. “Renunciation of power, patience, gentleness towards persecutors, forgiveness, pure gaze, trust in the Father – he continues – let us make them our own, let them shape our hearts and minds, awaken our faith and redesign our human grammar.”

And he continues: “We cannot stop at the threshold of the city or limit ourselves to passing through the gate – he emphasizes – we must penetrate to the heart of our life, in the streets and the innermost rooms of it, nor can we remain stranded in the shallows of a religiosity that does not make us dare a faith capable of setting sail to cleave the waves of the sea of life. We cannot draw back after the forty days of the Lenten journey; days that are challenging yet fruitful to regain the posture of being a disciple.”

Palermo, in centinaia per la celebrazione della domenica delle Palme: «Gesti di Gesù ci rivelano il vero volto di Dio»

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