Palermo-Catania highway reopens traffic on both lanes between Tremonzelli and Irosa viaducts.

The traffic on both carriageways in two viaducts of the A19 Palermo-Catania motorway, between the Tremonzelli and Irosa interchanges, has reopened. The main extraordinary maintenance works on “Passo Mattina I” and “Passo Mattina II” have been completed. As of this morning, there are no more restrictions: the works will continue, but will move to the part under the bridge. Only the passing lanes at the point where the carriageway exchange was guaranteed will remain closed. The conclusion of the works, with a total value of over 4 million euros, is expected before the summer.

For Renato Schifani, president of the Region and extraordinary commissioner for coordinating interventions on the A19, “it is another step forward in making the motorway safer, but also more fluid. The opening of these two viaducts will reduce inconvenience for those traveling on this important infrastructure. The work of requalification and monitoring of the sites continues in order to speed up their completion”.

Autostrada Palermo-Catania, riapre il traffico su entrambe le carreggiate in due viadotti fra Tremonzelli e Irosa

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