Palermo Carabinieri’s Appeal to Seniors: Beware of Scams, Here Are the Golden Rules to Remember

Italian police have issued a guide to help elderly people protect themselves against a wave of scams in which criminals pose as doctors or lawyers to con their victims out of large sums of money. One trick involves a fake lawyer persuading an elderly woman that her son is in legal trouble and needs money urgently. In another, a phony doctor claims the victim’s child has been in a serious accident and needs immediate funds for life-saving treatment. The police urge seniors to never give money and call emergency services instead. They also provide tips to prevent scams, such as not divulging personal information and being cautious online. Additionally, they advise not opening suspicious emails or attachments and using strong passwords. Furthermore, they recommend not opening the door to strangers and asking for identification if necessary. They also suggest accompanying elderly individuals to the bank or post office and reporting any suspicions to employees. Ultimately, the police advise staying vigilant and following their ten golden rules to stay safe from fraud.

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