Palermo Calcio provides scholarships for disadvantaged youth

Palermo has allocated 35,000 euros for the creation of scholarships for students in need from the neighborhoods of Palermo. The money was raised through the solidarity project “Vivere per sognare,” which the club associated with this summer’s season ticket campaign against school dropout, in collaboration with the association Giovani 2017 3P onlus and the club’s charitable partner Maredolce onlus. Fans who purchased season tickets automatically adopted students in difficult social and family conditions, allowing them to continue their studies after middle school, thanks to special merit-based scholarships that will help purchase textbooks and educational materials, as well as support the costs of their entire high school education. For each season ticket purchased, Palermo donated two euros to the project. The club also added further donations to extend the benefits of the initiative. The results of the project were presented at the San Paolo Apostolo parish in Borgo Nuovo. Attendees included Archbishop Corrado Lorefice, Palermo President Dario Mirri, players Fabio Lucioni and Aljosa Vasic, and Maredolce onlus representative Stefania Petyx.

Il Palermo calcio dona borse di studio per i ragazzi in difficoltà

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