Palermo businessmen placed under house arrest for tax fraud: 14 million seized

Two individuals, Salvatore Città and Gianfranco Milotta, have been placed under house arrest by the financial police in Palermo for allegedly organizing tax fraud through false invoicing to benefit three construction companies. The accused, along with 22 other individuals and companies, are facing charges related to association for criminal purposes, fraudulent declaration using false invoices, and other financial crimes. The investigation also revealed the existence of a criminal organization that reportedly used a tax consultant to facilitate the fraudulent invoicing for over 37 million euros. The companies involved allegedly used the false invoicing to evade taxes and create a significant VAT credit, which was then laundered through various means. The investigation is ongoing, and assets worth over 14 million euros have been seized as part of the case.

Palermo, frodano il fisco con false fatture: due imprenditori ai domiciliari, sequestrati 14 milioni

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