Palermo bids farewell to Salvatore Pezzino: the business world loses the printer of Sellerio masterpieces

The entrepreneurship world in Palermo is in mourning for the passing of one of the noblest representatives of the printing art. At the age of 84, Salvatore Pezzino passed away, a life spent printing books, magazines, and much more. He was the third generation of the family that founded the Arti Grafiche in 1913, based on an idea of Salvatore’s grandmother. The printing press has been the cultural engine of the city for decades.

A tradition that now goes by the name Officine Grafiche, since 2012 it has become a cooperative after merging with another company, and where now works Salvatore’s son, Cristoforo, known by all as Cris. Officine Grafiche are located in via Prospero Favier, in the industrial area of Brancaccio, and they continue the work started many years ago by Salvatore Pezzino, printing among other things the magazine Il Gattopardo, as well as books from the publishing house Sellerio. Grandfather of two grandchildren, he leaves behind his wife and two sons.

“My father was a workaholic, the first to arrive and the last to leave. I know it is often said, but in his case it is all true – recalls, moved, Cris Pezzino -. He had an absolute dedication to his work, he felt the weight of tradition and family and carried it all forward with great commitment, professionalism, and courage. He worked until he was 80, he always came into the company and wanted to know everything. Then after Covid, he enjoyed some rest, but he was still the soul of Officine Grafiche.”

Palermo, addio a Salvatore Pezzino: il mondo dell’imprenditoria perde lo stampatore dei capolavori della Sellerio

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